MW Culinary Wellness, LLC offers culinary nutrition services to help people find greater health through whole foods cooking along with skills to build a healtheir relationship with food. Founder Marti Wolfson, brings over a decade of wellness education. Her love for cooking and teaching passionately flows through her work as seen in her ability to take clients and students on a journey of nutritional transformation. It is one thing to be told to eat a food for its health benefits but it is whole other experience to physcially sense the nutrients your body demands at every meal.  Marti guides laypeople and health professionals in the kitchen to think like an alchemist, and cook like a chef. She worked at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, is the founding Culinary Director of Blum Center for Health and teaches in the public culinary programs of The Natural Gourmet Institute and the JCC of Manhattan. Ms. Wolfson is the co-author of The BlumKitchen Nutrition Guide and Cookbook